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 How To Use Menu Board Templates

Menu Templates are our new way to deliver you great chalkart designs with headers. Just add your menu into the areas provided and then you have a ready made menu board file.

Below are some simple steps to show you how easy it is to create your own menu boards.

Select the template and use either your Chalkart Credits or pay through our shopping cart to download the template to your computer.
The file arrives as a high Resolution PDF which you can import into any basic design program.

If you don’t have any design programs you can download a 30 day free trial of Coreldraw . 
Click here for more information This program allows you to add text, change size and colours of elements in the design


Once you have imported your template into your design program you will find that all the elements in the design can be moved, resized and colours can be changed if needed. For example, if you need more area for the menu just click on the black box and resize to suit your menu.

You can also add new chalkart images from the store to the template if needed for your design.

Start adding your menu into the area provided using the type tool. Select a font that you would like to use. We have "Moniques Freestyle Font" for headers and "Moniques Free Hand Font" for text (as used here) available on our website.

Some other good fonts we recommend are Postcard, Comic Sans or Dom Casual BT.

Once your design is complete, save your file as a PDF and take it to your local signwriter or printer and get them to digitally print the file on adhesive vinyl.

Also get them to put a matt laminate on the print so you have a nice chalky looking blackboard with great chalkart graphics. With your prices on the board get them to vinyl cut them and mount onto laminate and get them to provide you with a sheet of numbers so you can make price changes in the future.
Once printed get them to mount the print onto signboard and your menu is ready to be installed. In this case we got the board framed to finish it off.
If you have any questions or requests on our templates send us an email from our contacts page.




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