Photo of Finished LCD Screen for a Juice Bar in Nappa Valley CA

Custom made chalkart digital displays for LCD screens

Let us design your LCD screen displays using our chalkart library to create eye catching designs. When designing the screens we get you to send us your menu and the rest is up to us. We work with you in coming up with a design that suits your business with layouts and proofs sent to you to sign off on.

The beauty of using our artwork on the digital screens is that it gives your menu a hand made feel without looking to computer generated as all our artwork is hand drawn and photographed in a high resolution format. Once the design is complete we send you the image ready to load into your screen. The image arrives as a High Definition JPEG set up to your screen resolution of 1920 pixels x 1080 pixels or if you have a preferred setting let us know.

Example of a layout sent for approval

What we need from you to get started 

  • Firstly email us your details with the amount of screens you need designed.
  • Send us the details you would like on the screens.
  • From there we can do up a quote.
  • Once quote is approved we get a 50% deposit and the rest once complete.

    What you get from us

  • Once designing starts you will get full layouts of designs for approval.

  • You get 2 versions for your screens in 1920pixels x 1080pixels and 3940pixels x2160pixels

  • All Jpegs are in a High Definition format ready to plug into your screens.

  • You also get the files of the artwork in a PDF format so you can make changes yourself if needed.



Below are some examples of Digital Screen menu boards we have done. For more information or to get a quote contact us at [email protected]

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