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 Welcome to Knomad Chalkart Studio

Welcome to Knomad Chalkart Studio, the specialists in creating hand drawn chalkart, high resolution images. Great for restaurants and cafes. Use our artwork to make menuboards, table menus, signs, window displays, promotional material or wall mural's.

All artwork arrives as both a PDF and PSD file with transparent backgrounds so you can layer and combine different images to create your own unique designs. Browse the website to see how you can
make our artwork work for you.


Please view the video below to see how you can use our artwork
to create amazing hand drawn chalkart designs.


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All artwork bought together to create a unique design for The Horseshoe Saloon. Full digital print with a matt laminate finished off with a timber frame.
All artwork is combined to create a great chalkart menu board with a matt laminate. The menu is one big digital print on adhesive vinyl and mounted on a sheet of signboard and finished off with a black matt timber frame.
The artwork is a great way to brighten up a specials board.