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How To Use Knomad Chalkart Images

In this case we are going to make up a coffee menu board.

Board Size is measured at 1000mm wide  x 600mm high. 

In this case we have used White cappuccino, Raisin Toast, Takeaway Coffee, Latte Cup and some Strawberries. All the artwork has arrives as a PDF and PSD file with transparent backgrounds, you can layer and combine the artwork to make your design. As shown here.

The other option is to use the Designer Library which has all our artwork in Low res PNG24 and Jpeg Files with transparent backgrounds. Great for doing your design and once happy just come back to our website and download the high resolution images needed for your design. We are giving away the Designer Library Free with any purchase of our Chalkart Credits. For more information click here.


Now you have your artwork in position its time to add your menu. Using the type in your design program you can select a font to suit your design. In this case for the header we used a font we sell on this site call Moniques Free Style Font and for the text we used a font called Postcard.

Type all your information you need on the board and once finished, copy your prices onto a new page and save them as "Menu Prices" and take the prices off the board design. Reason being is you want to be able to change prices in the future. So now you will have 2 files ready to take to your local signwriter. One file saved with your menuboard and the other saved with your prices.


You can now email your signwriter the 2 files and get them to digitally print the menu board file out on matt or satin adhesive vinyl.
Once printed get them to put a matt laminate over the print. This will give it a nice chalky feel and protect the print.

Now your print is ready to be mounted on some signboard cut to size which your signwirter will be able to provide and mount.

With the prices get them to vinyl cut the prices on adhesive vinyl and mount onto the top of the laminate so you can make future changes without damaging your print. Also ask them to cut some spare numbers for future price changes.


Here you can see the sign is finished off with great chalkart graphics and menu ready to hang up. We finished it off with a black matt timber frame.

The whole process is designed to be simple and give you the flexibility to use our artwork and make dynamic menu's. Remember, all artwork is hand drawn by some of the best chalkartist from around the world and you are getting it delivered straight to your computer.

If you have any questions on how you can use our artwork just send me an email from our contact page. Look forward to hearing from you.


Bronze Points $US60 = 120 Chalkart Credits (Gives you $120 worth of artwork plus get The Designer Library Free)
Click here for more details.

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