Chalkart Contributors All Welcome and Make Some Extra $$$$

We are looking for Chalkart Contributors to add their own artwork to the Art Shop and make some extra cash in the process. We are interested in different styles, images and fonts to compliment the library. The artwork needs to be created using chalk, pastels or oil crayons to give the artwork that chalkart feel.

We will manage, format the artwork, password encrypt it and protect the images under the Terms of Use and our License Agreement. We will incorporate your artwork into The Designer Library and promote it through our members and promotional material. Once you become an approved Vendor you will automatically be notified of any sale.

If you are interested in adding your artwork to the art shop and to see how you can make some money just send us an email with your contact details & if you have some examples of work you have done or would like to contribute send it in.

Send it to [email protected] Look forward to hearing from you.

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