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Using our Chalkart with the latest Digital technology works a treat. In this case they have 5 LCD digital screens displaying their menus and using our chalkart to create the look of hand drawn artwork. These systems are great for when you need to update your menu on regular basis but they can look a little clinical with all the computer generated art available.

The chalkart softens the menus and creates colour and atmosphere. Blending the hand drawn style artwork with the latest technology.

The picture below shows how the artwork was designed in Photoshop to suit the screens resolution. Once the artwork was approved we just save each menu for their designated screen as JPEG. In this case the screen resolution was
1920 pixels x 1080 pixels.

Below is a picture of the old menus they had on their screens, which as you can see is BORING with a capital B

Here is the after shot and you can see how much of a difference the new menus with our chalkart graphics make.
The picture speaks for itself and the client was blown away and how easy it is to update and change
the menu when needed.

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