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The Designer Library is a download we have with all our artwork, templates and backgrounds in Low Res PNG24 and JPEG files. This is perfect for doing your layouts and designs, once your happy with the artwork you just come into the store and get the high resolution images needed for your job.

This way you get to try out the artwork before you buy. The PNG file come with transparent backgrounds, so you can layer and combine the images to create the design you are after. The artwork is watermarked and can not be used for finished jobs but is built for Design purposes only. Below is a screen shot of how you can search the Chalkart in categories.

You can download it from our store for $30US Click Here 

Below is an example of how we designed a layout for a client using the Designer Library. We have opened up a background and 2 images we would like to use. As you can see we have just combined the 2 images onto the background and added the header and the menu so now we can email the client for approval.

With the client approving the layout you go into the store and download the high resolution images needed for the job. Below you can see the board finished for the client.  Its been printed on polymeric adhesive vinyl with a UV matt laminate and mounted on Alu-Composite panel and finished off with a black matt timber frame.

The Designer Library is the perfect way to get started creating your own designs and remember it arrives with:

  • Our Complete Library of Individual images which combine to create thousands of  designs.
  • All the Menu Templates so all you need to do is add your menu.
  • A range of Backgrounds from timber, brick, blackboards to marble, canvas and more, so you can layer the artwork to create your own chalkart designs. 

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