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Shopping is made even easier with Chalkart Credits. We have 3 different Chalkart Credit offers.

Each credit = $1 towards the cost of any Individual Images, Menu Templates and Backgrounds in the store.
For example, buy the Bronze Points for US$49 and receive 70 credits to the value of US$70 in the store.

In this how to use Chalkart Credit Tutorial we will buy the Silver Chalkart Credit Pack. Included in this pack is 160 Chalkart Credits plus we will send you a Link to download the Designer Library Free . For more information on the Designer Library Click here.

Step 1: Select Silver Chalkart Credits to your Cart and go through to the Checkout.

Step 2: Go to "My Chalkart Credits" button at top (see below) then click the "Create Your Coupon Code" button and you then you will see your code to use in the Art Shop. 


Step 3: Select the artwork you would like to download & click on Add to Cart button

Step 4: Copy & Paste your Coupon Code into the box below and press the Add button. Then click the Checkout button and  your details will be verified and you will be sent to your Account where you can download the artwork.

Step 5: This is the download page. To begin download just click on the blue arrow and save the image to your computer. The password to unlock Zip file is next to download arrow.

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